Monday, October 10, 2016

Beautiful tantric Healing Orgasm From Hypnosis

Hello, in this video I am once again working with couples to help anchor a powerful orgasm. There are a few things I wanted you to take note of. In the video she is experiencing a mind/body orgasm, this is different from a traditional orgasm that originates from the groin. Her body is still experiencing the sensation of an orgasm, however its through out her whole body . This produces the "tripping" effect that she talks about in her video at the end. 
As always, it was important for me to make sure that she was in a profound state of somnambulism before doing this. To bring her to this point I utilized a rapid induction followed by about 15 minutes of deepeners to really makes use she was ready for the next step. For this to work though, it was important that she felt comfortable, which is why it was vital that her boyfriend was there. This in turn creates an intimate and shared experience between the both of them, a very powerful experience. Hope you enjoyed the video and have learned a few things. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

How Erotic Hypnosis Can Increase your libido and give you sexual health

Hello my name is Talmadge Harper, I am the creator of the webs only positive vibration erotic hypnosis website. In this video I am going to discuss very simply how hypnosis can increase your libido, and heal you sexually without using mediation or things like that. Now first of all, many of you are aware of something called the placebo effect. I am sure you’ve all read of this while you were in school or you’ve heard stories; about a man who was dying of cancer and he was given sugar pills and suddenly he is cured. Or you’ve heard experiments where doctors give sugar pills to people when they have headaches, and then ten minutes later the people are completely pain free. This is a demonstration of what they call the placebo effect.

I don’t really like that they call it the placebo effect because they are trivializing the power of the mind. They are acting like typical western scientists that want to trivialize something they cant’ fully quantify or comprehend, but I digress. If you think about the placebo effect, what you are doing is harnessing the power of belief. However, it goes beyond that, its not just belief, its harness the power of the subconscious mind. You are getting the subconscious mind to belief, because once the subconscious mind believes something it can directly affect the cells in your body. It can directly affect your body, hence the mind body correlation.

The Body effects the mind the mind effects the body. Now using the power of hypnosis, you can harness that power of belief through the subconscious mind and allow it to create changes on the physical body itself. You can also create changes through the subconscious’ emotions, mental and belief systems as well. So using a hypnosis mp3 or in person you can directly communicate with your subconscious mind to allow yourself to have a greater libido, or allow yourself to experience more wetness in your vagina, or experience a bigger penis.

Or you can experience a much more increase appetite for sex. You can stimulate the subconscious mind an allow you to experience profound orgasms, that last 5, 10, even 20 minutes long. Remember it isn’t magic, its using the power of the subconscious mind. If your subconscious mind believes something, it will turn that into a reality for your body and for your mind to experience. This can manifest in many different ways. I hope this explains more to you how hypnosis can increase your libido and your sexual health.

If you like the video, please subscribe please like, in addition I’ve included some links below for some products you may be interested in. these products are The female orgasm Product: This product allows women to experience sexual healing on all levels, physical mental and emotional and experience multiple orgasms. I have the same product for men as well. It does not matter your gender or sexual preference, these products will work for everyone. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the lecture and if you have any questions please feel free to email me.Thanks.

Erotic Hypnosis: The Ultimate CouplesTantric Body Orgasm Therapy

I have a new video for you as promised.  In this video, I am working with a couple to anchor multiple orgasm responses in the girlfriend. You will see a man with his hand on a woman’s shoulder. That is the boyfriend, we are doing this to anchor the response of a multiple orgasm, this is why I want them in constant contact with each other.
You will also notice a very waxy type complexion. This is indicative of someone in profound somnambulism. Remember we want profound somnambulism when we are working with multiple orgasms. You’ll notice during the orgasm experience, its extremely explosive and powerful. To the point where her eyes are rolling up on the back of the head and she seems like she is on drugs. That is how euphoric the experience is.
You will also see she has an expression on her fact that looks like she is going to cry. That is common when people are experiencing an amount of pleasure that is so euphoric, so incredible, they have this expression because its so beautiful. She isn’t in pain, its just a beautiful experience. You will find as always use ethical hypnosis and free will.
Everything we anchor is only anchored with the consent and the free will of the parties involved. Thats about it, I hope you enjoy the video, also pay attention to her feed back its interesting. As always if you like the video , please like it and subscribe, thanks/ -Talmadge 

Blissful Healing Laughter from Erotic Hypnosis

Laughter is one of the best and most over looked forms of deepening in terms of erotic hypnosis Laughter in itself is an incredibly healing state to be in, it releases endorphins in the body and helps relieve stress. When someone experiences laughter while in a state of hypnosis, the experience is enhanced exponentially.  I invite you to imagine the last time you laughed because you were in just an absolute state of joy. Do you remember when you were growing up as a child and sharing incredible laughter with your best friend? Can you imagine how that made you feel? What would it be like to experience that ten fold combined with a sense of inner peace, joy and contentment? Now you are beginning to get an idea of what its like to experience Euphoric Laughter while in a state of deep hypnosis. 
Laughter is an incredibly effective deepener because you are using it as a major source of positive reinforcement for the hypnotic state. If you think about it , it makes alot of sense to use positive feelings as a deepener in hypnosis. When you are first hypnotizing someone who has never had any experience with erotic hypnosis, this person maybe a bit nervous as to what to expect of if the process is  a safe one? What better way to show them the reward of the state than by introducing to them a state of Euphoric Laughter.  The more intense the laughter and feelings of bliss experience, the more your client is encouraged to let go even more and to completely enjoy the process of hypnosis. 
Now its very important that you use instant or rapid inductions before using laughter as a form of deepening. There is a specific reason for this, you see rapid and instant inductions are the most effective at producing states of somnambulism quickly. The deeper the person is the more receptive that person will be to the feeling of exponentially enhanced form of laughter. Now please don't misunderstand me, the suggestion of laughter is effective without deep trances, however its much more effective with deeper states. In lighter states of hypnosis people can run the risk of over analyzing and allowing their conscious mind to talk them out of remembering laughter or feeling that state. Now there are ways to use NLP to get around this, however my personal preference is to offer the suggestion when the client is in somnambulism or borderline in that state. 
When you choose to implement the suggestion of laugher, make sure that you bring up a memory or experience in their past. Its alot easier to enhance and turn up an existing memory than it is to create a new one. Also,  by bringing up an old memory of laughter it saves you the trouble from assuming or trying to make a situation that they would fine beautiful. I suggest using the following script:
In a moment I invite you to remember a time where you were the most happy, the most euphoric. In a moment you are going to find something amazing starts to happen, as I count from 1 - 10, with each count the euphoria and and happiness from this memory is going to intensify ten times. Each time it intensifies you are going to feel this blissful laughter that will continue to increase. The more it increases, the better you feel, the better you feel the deeper you will go, and the deeper you go the better you will feel. 
By using this script you will be creating a feedback loop, the better she feels the deeper she goes and the better she feels. This is an incredibly powerful deepener. There is also an added bonus to doing this, sexuality and happiness, laughter all share the same similar vibration energetic states. Once you already move your client into a state of energetic bliss, its very simple to help her cross over into experiencing a powerful orgasm.
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